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Frecuently Asked Questions

What about safety?

Kapi Kapi Costa Rica S.A. takes the health and wellbeing of our students extremely seriously. Our tour guides are certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. Our services providers hold the legal requirements from our legislation to service the tourist industry.

In case of emergency, our company will use our hospitals and clinics and the Student have to provide their international health coverage.

What medical information do I need to know?

All travelers must complete the «Individual» form, which must inform any type of illness and type of medication that the person consumes. You should review these websites, consult with your local travel clinic, and discuss your travel plans with your physician prior to travel.

What medical insurance coverage do I need for this program?

Kapi Kapi Costa Rica requires that all students have international medical insurance coverage for the duration of their travels. In the event of injury or illness, we will take care of your student’s well-being; however, the family is responsible for all expenses incurred for medical treatment and services received. Students should carry their insurance information while traveling on Kapi Kapi Costa Rica programs.

The company requires that the student e-mail the document related to his medical policy at the time he decides to make the trip.

Is there a packing list? What should you bring?

  • Long pants
  • Durable shoes,
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Waterproof shoes (tennis shoes or similar)
  • Shorts
  • Shirts
  • Bathing suit
  • Cap or brimmed hat
  • Bring a poncho
  • Bottle of water
  • Light
  • Sweater or jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • If you take any medication you may bring them

Visa Information

There are no visa requirements in Costa Rica for students traveling on United States passports.

Students traveling on passports not issued by the United States are responsible for determining their own visa requirements. Please check with the appropriate consulate or embassy.

How to pay

Kapi Kapi Costa Rica S.A. accepts payments by secure electronic check (ACH payment), check, money order, or wire transfer. Specific options depend upon the country in which you bank. Payment details will be included with your Welcome Letter and Invoice or your Personal Travel Advisor can answer any additional questions. For more information, our clients from the United States and Canada:

For clients from the United States and Canada, we can accept secure payments by electronic check (ACH payment). These payments are made by providing us with your bank’s 9-digit routing number (also known as an ABA number) and account number, both of which can be found on a check.

During Enrollment You Can Choose to Pay by One of the Following Methods:

  • Pay in Full by Electronic Check / ACH:Payment for the full cost of your trip will be automatically processed within 7 business days of the submission of your enrollment form.
  • Pay in Installments by Electronic Check / ACH: We have a special that individuals can purchase the whole program in one time sum lump of $1600, or make 3 payments of $600.

For groups that take the 20 hours Spanish classes, price will be $2200 paid at once, or 2 payments of $800, and one of $600.  We have a special that individuals can purchase the whole program in one time sum lump of $2000. We advise that the groups purchase the air travel first to ensure everybody travel together and make those air reservations as soon the group have reserve their tours with us. After that they can immediately make the first payment to us, to reserve their spot in our schedule

If You Prefer to Pay by Check You May Send Checks To:

United States Postal Service / Domestic (U.S.) Delivery
Kapi Kapi Costa Rica S.A.
9015 Thames Meade Rd Ap G Laurel 20723.


UPS / FedEx / DHL / International Delivery
Kapi Kapi Costa Rica S.A.
Cartago, Costa Rica
Costado Sur,  Frente a la Biblioteca del Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Travel Tips

In your carry-on bag it is very important to have:

  • Your passport. It has to be up-to-date, in good standing, and not expire over the next 6 months. Some students have not been able to travel to Costa Rica because their passports were expired or they forgot to bring it!
  • Your airplane ticket or electronic reservation information.
  • The emergency phone number provided by Kapi Kapi Costa Rica S.A. in the confirmation of your program, the physical address of Kapi Kapi Costa Rica S.A., and your accommodation information. These are especially important to have if your luggage is lost in order to provide the airline with an address to deliver this to.
  • Your money. Remember to make copies of your credit cards. In Costa Rica, Visa and MasterCard are mostly accepted while other credit cards sometimes are not. Before you leave your home country, please inform your bank and credit card company that you are traveling abroad. That way, when charges from Costa Rica start showing up on your bank statement they do not assume your card has been stolen.
  • A pen to complete the customs and immigration forms.
  • Extra clothes in case your luggage is lost

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TOURS Get to know some of the tours you could enjoy in our programs!

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